Outside of the Superglued Mess

It is for the cause that I speak, but at a cost. I knew early on that my words were flaming swords, just not who or how they would engulf. Maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe things would be the same regardless. Maybe I am a Phoenix, flaming, invincible, powerful and strong…but still singed and burned, scarring and healing again both forever and now in some sort of pyroclastic recycle. Super glued and airtight sealed, just like you taught me, until eventually that burns up too. It’s both effortless and agonizing to keep this up. I hate hiding these truths. But it is necessary. Persevere even though that gives the world more scrutiny to throw at you. Be unradical, wait for the time to pour out these pointless vindications. How is that even possible?”

This is a blog that normalizes PTSD acquired from domestic violence. I am sharing the story because it needs an audience. There are a few things you can do to help me in this endeavor.

1. Read! Start at Possible Launch and keep hitting next, I’ll try to keep it interesting.

2. Let me know how this story affects you. It’s an act of hopefulness for me to write it. It’s a true story that many will relate to, though few will share!

3. Look around you! Be aware! Think before you act! It’s estimated that one in three women and one in four men will be the victim of domestic violence in their lifetime! https://ncadv.org/statistics has some numbers if you want to know more.

4. Take care of yourself. The ability to talk about my life did not happen overnight. I went to counseling, wrote journals, talked to close relatives, went on and off antidepressants, freaked out A LOT, and I still get upset about some of the stories I’ve published.

5. Support those still living this nightmare.

https://www.thehotline.orgĀ  https://www.rainn.org

Thanks guys!